13 Etüden für die linke Hand – Arend Weitzel


Timpani method. 13 etudes for the left hand. 12 pages. Etudes to strengthen the weaker hand (with left-handers according to the right hand) If you study old method books for timpani, it may seem that back in the day, it was accepted that every individual has a “strong” hand and a “weak” hand. It is probably thanks to the American drum rudiments methods, among others, that the left hand could basically be liberated with regards to drumming and more and more be used equally. Naturally, it is still the case that every one of us, not only in our daily lives, but also when playing timpani, has a more dextrous, faster, stronger and dominant hand. And in most cases, the other is the left hand. These 13 etudes will help you aid your non-dominant hand, so they should only be played by the left hand. Lefties can also use them accordingly for the right hand. In this case, I recommend that etude no. 8 be played on the lower three timpani of a 4-timp setup, not the upper three.

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