20 caprices for trumpet – Allen Vizzutti


Thierry Caens’ Short Studies In The Keys for Trumpet.

I am very happy that Hamelle is publishing the collection I have been planning to produce for several years. This collection includesworks written or arranged for myself, as well as a representative selection of my own compositions (original works or arrangements). It should be of interest to all kinds of groupings, from the most standard (Trumpet and Piano,Trumpet and Organ, Trumpet and Orchestra, Wind Quintet, Trombone Quartet) to the most unusual (Cornet and Brass Quintet, large Brass Ensembles, Trumpet and Trombone with Organ), and it of course also includes teachingmaterial(studies, exercises, competition pieces). My concern has been to present useful new pieces, but above all to awaken and develop the musical sense of brass instrumentalists. – Thierry Caens 

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