Razzamajazz Guitar – Sarah Watts


Guitar, book and CD. Razzamajazz Guitar has lots of upbeat pieces with a “feel-good” accompaniment that budding guitarists are bound to enjoy! Contents: *Take it away *Ghostly G *Time for two *Have a banana for tea *Open to you *Weeping willows *On and off *I believe *Gift of the GAB *Cheeky cha cha *Memoirs *Tip toe *A pigeon in Paris *Head in the clouds *Show off shimmy *Knights and ladies *Moment in Moscow *Watercress waltz *Musical box *Driving on *Blown away *All sorts *On stage *Cop show *Shrimps ahoy *Squirrels in the mist *Play this rhythm on your guitar *Who’s that knocking? *Marshmallows at midnight *Sneaky Sid *Jolly good show! *Deep blue

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