The Marc Blitzstein Songbook 1 – Marc Blitzstein


Vocal with piano. Marc Blitzstein (1905-1964) was a true American original, creating compositions that straddled musical styles between traditional classical and theatre, blending social commentary and political satire with charm, simplicity and humor. Titles are: Be with me (from Reuben Reuben) Bird Upon a Tree (from Juno) Blues (from Regina) Croon Spoon (from The Cradle Will Rock) Displaced, Emily, Expatriate (from No for an Answer) Few Little English, Fraught (from No for an Answer) How I Met My New Grandfather (from Idiots First) I Wish It So (from Juno) In the Clear (from No for an Answer) Joe Worker (from The Cradle Will Rock), Modest Maid, Nickle Under the Foot (from The Cradle Will Rock) One Kind Word (from Juno) Penny Candy (from No for an Answer) Such a Little While (from Reuben Reuben) The Best Thing of All (from Regina) The Cradle will Rock (from The Cradle Will Rock) The Freedom of the Press (from The Cradle Will Rock) The New Suit, The Purest Kind of Guy (from No for an Answer) The Rose Song (from Reuben Reuben) Then (from The Magic Barrel) What Will it Be? (from Regina) With a Woman Be (from Sacco and Vanzetti).

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