Viola Delights Book 1 – Jacqui Robertson-Wade


Viola Quintet, score and parts. Transcribed from the cello edition this book enables 5 violists to get together and have fun! Designed so that players can progress through the book, Viola Delights starts with simple pieces in an easy rhythmic format, moving on to more polyphonic writing at the end of the book. Care has been taken to edit bowings to reproduce similar effects to viols, resulting in a more stylistic approach. A useful introduction into an historical approach to bowing. Approx grade 1 – 4. Titles are: *Schiarazula Marazula (Phalese) *Mattachins (Arbeau) *Month Of maying (Morley) *Pavane D’Angleterre (Gervaise) *Galliard d’Angleterre (Gervaise) *The Nightingale (Brade) *Bransle de la Torche (Praetorius) *Pavane (Etienne du Tetre) *Bransle (Caroubel) *The Slver Swan (Gibbons) *The Honie Suckle (Holborne) *M.George Whitehead his Almand (Dowland)

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